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Willie is one of the only things that isn't boring about the Midwest. Coming from a small town outside of St Louis, MO, since 2014, Willie the Automaton's has been creating a Horadric cube filled with Punk backed Drum n' Bass into Indie Hip Hop fueled with satirical and over the top lyrics that manage to maintain a smile while dying on the inside.

Before his ADD fueled antics were brought to stage while opening for acts such as Twiztid and  Afroman, he released his first two albums, "Self Titled" and "Self Entitled" on to streaming platforms worldwide. 

Not stopping at creating his own music, he can be found producing for other artists as well, such as Lex the Hexmaster or Razakel.

When not making music, he stays creative through streaming, creating videos for youtube, concert photography, and writing out long bios that feel like he's awkwardly talking himself up a lot. 

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