Willie The automaton

Willie is one of the only things that isn't boring about the midwest. Coming from a small town outside of St Louis, MO, since 2014, Willie the Automaton's has been creating a Horadric Cube filled with Punk backed Drum n' Bass into Indie Hip Hop fueled with satirical and over the top lyrics that mange to maintain a smile while dying on the inside.

His energetic and strange stage antics landed him opening spots for a wide variety of national acts including; Twiztid, I Set My Friends On Fire, Blood on the Dancefloor, Psychostick and Afroman.

Music isn't his only stopping point. Willie has the drive to dive into almost any creative endeavor and make something amazing.


As a producer and beat maker, Willie has worked with a handful of artists from Razakel & The Slice Girls to MNE's own Lex The Hexmaster. As a producer, From mixing, securing feature artists and finding the right artist to create your next albums cover art, or even creating it for you himself, Willie doesn't isn't just a beat maker. He's a full service creative producer. 

Concert Photography

A recent addition to his long list of skills, Willie has covered a handful of shows from St Louis natives such as Mr.Grean & A Z The Fallen, all the way up to Shaggy 2 Dope of ICP and Twiztid. While this endeavor is fresh, It's absolutely something to keep your eyes peeled for.                                                                                                                            


Twitch Streamer, Youtube Content Creator, General Nuisance on Tik Tok, if there's an app or website where he can get peoples attention, he's there.